Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Members asked-- Shall I Keeps Rowsley Or Its Warrants?

Rowsley and Its Warrant price have settled down and from our smart money curve, We noticed that Big Boys are still holding their positions but interesting to note that Public Free Floating is over 93% or 295,798, 927 shares with ex- Remisier King holding 6.96% (Number are obtained from internet)

The game plan.
Potential:  developments in Iskandar when completed will reward an investor handsomely with the high speed  rail infrastructure.
Risk: should these developments fall through, Investors shall prepared for the worst and do not invest with money you cannot afford to loss.

The gearing level of Rowsley’s warrants based on its share and warrant price on 31 March 2014 is approximated at around 2.9 or .275 and 0.095 respectively.
Assumed that Rowsley from now till 2016 will be not dividends payout (Warrant holders not entitle for Dividends. 2.9X become a double-edged sword and will magnified investors Profit and loss if the move up and down.

The merit is warrant is fully paid and no like CFD subject to leverage risk. Low capital cost if compared to holding its Mother share price.

BB are smart and only "small" exposure if one is looking at substantial share holders summary. The insider can immediately increasing their stakes as and when when the key catalyst if moving at the right direction.

Conclusion: This is a Big boy gamble and they have smartly utilized the tools from the capital markets to mitigate their risks. so as a retail investors, you may want to review your risks and do not over committed. Trade with your means.

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