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Day trader- Basic
A day-only trader buys and sells stocks and ends the trading day in cash with no open positions. If a position is held overnight or for several days, it's called contra trade or swing trade . However, we usually trade with both approaches, depending on market timing, Sentiments etc.


  • Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, exciting and potentially explosive stocks with our unique day trading strategies such as Reversal Buy, Buy Safe, Breakouts etc. 
  • Our picks aren't just "lucky", Our trading veterans put the time looks at the financials, history and Technical analysis in depth with a sharp eye. Stock with fundamentals when chart provide a right timing will give you the best chance to reap the rewards.

Software- Stock Screener and Trading Platform
Day trading requires a professional software platform and a reliable Internet connection. We developed our own real time Stock Screener with automatically generated signals on Buy/Sell intensity to catch the stocks that hit Top, Bottom and wave Swing with tight Stop Loss. We are very particular about the brokers' trading platform we use. It is strongly recommended that you utilise a powerful desktop with at least two monitors or preferably three. You will need multiple screens to display the charts, Order Tickets and Market Depth.

Risk and Reward
Trade with money you can afford to lose. Take advantage of leveraging fairly large positions (Use the Positions Sizing Spreadsheet provided). Most traders make their money on relatively small price movements in liquid stocks with mid to high volatility. You need price movement/volatility to make money. Higher volatility implies higher risk, with the potential for greater profit or loss. Once you enter a position, Stop Loss should be placed to get you out of that position when a specified loss threshold is reached. Taking profit is not a sin, but letting profits turn into losses is sinful. Failure to stop loss is like committing suicide. 

Our Buy & Sell Strategies
Our only focus when stalking a trade is finding low risk setups. We are very picky and we will not call something unless the chart offers a clean entry with a tight stop. If you are looking for an intelligent way to day trade the stock market, join our group of profitable traders. 


Read more about Day Trading at Wikipedia

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