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Dear SGX Day traders' Member, we are offering SGX Day Traders’ Live Trading webinar at special 3 months package for $264
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What is the benefits to join us.
Join now and get full access to our live trading chat room. We are open everyday from an hour before the opening bell up to the closing bell. (The chat room is open 5 X 24)
Every morning, at 830am we will conduct a 15 minutes stock market debrief with the latest key economic events, market commentaries and markets' breath analysis. Highlight the Global Indices Key supports and resistance to forward looking. We will tell you what to do now! not looking at the chart (History) and telling story in the past.Next we will share a list of potential counters and recap some counters we hold overnight positions. Day trading is about thing going to happen next, not the past. 

230pm, another 15 minutes market debrief for STI, everything done live and real time closer to what's happening to markets. During the webinar you will be able to ask questions on the specific counter for me to answer while viewing my screen.
 we explain what we are looking at in real-time chart. More importantly, we will teach you how to trade. Trading is all about finding the right entry point that offers quick rewards and puts little capital at risk. Then, you have to know how to sell. We will show you in real-time.

Here is one of the regular sample Live Trading Webinar our veteran trader is sharing.

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New clients, please click on below membership plans to get full access to our live chat room.Our live trading chat room is just a click away! We offer four very affordable membership options below.

SGX Day Trader Live webinar Service S$88/ Month, Trade with veteran Full-time traders, See our Trading screen and ask Question when market is live。 参加新加坡交日交易员的实时网络视听研讨会,服务新元88元/月,跟我们的全职交易员做交易和看他们的屏幕,询问交易问题。 (Live Trading Webinar Service is S$88/ Month, We are sorry for limited resources, we charge per Quarter(3 Months) ie 1st Apr to 30 June, or 1st July to 30 Sep or 1 Oct to 31Dec. No prorated, expired every end of calendar quarter). Fo example if client paid $264 on 1 May, this service start from 1May and ended 30 June.)

Pls provide Name & HP No.

Lucky Webinar S$488/ Half Yearly  (No prorated, expired every end of calendar month)

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Lucky Webinar S$888/ Yearly  (No prorated, expired every end of calendar month)

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  1. The live online webinar is the best option for new traders to learn as much as possible.