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LuckyStockPicks' SMS Real-Time Education Alerts

If you find the SGX Stock market hard to trade in, why not turn our hard work into your profits instead? We send out SMSes to alert you before the counter starts to move.

SGX Day Traders'SMS abbreviations.
BS (Buy Safe) (Low risk and High Return strategy.)==Trading signal will be monitored after a healthy correction is spotted. 
BO (Breakouts) (High risk and High Return strategy.)== This trading technique involves buying  stocks that are trading at 20 day highs with corresponding high volumes. 
Reversal (Medium Risk and High Return strategy)== A technique used to time the entry of a trade when a seller is out of gas. Usually accompanied with prior healthy pullback after an explosive run. But the initial Stop Loss is usually wider!
SL (Stop Loss)== Price level to get out from a position against you.
TP (Take Profit)== Price level to book profit when a trade becomes favorable to you. Its aim to Take profit in stages, usually divide into 40%, 30% and 30%. When a trade is good, Let the profits run.  

How to aim== e.g A SMS alert :4-Jun-14 King Wan BO>0.34, SL<0.33, TP>0.355, 0.365, 0.375, and 0.395
From the below picture: The trader needs to monitor the "Seller" or "ASK" bid and get their Buy Ticket ready with the correct Qty, Price (use TradingforaLiving Spreadsheet) and keep their fingers crossed. 
Fire your buy ticket when the Sell Qty at 0.34 is "Almost" clear. 
If missed, do not chase high (if price move >3%), continue monitoring the buying intensity or get ready for another potential counter.
Same principle applies to SL (Stop Loss)

Our Buy & Sell Strategies-- Our only focus when stalking a trade is finding low risk setups. We are very picky and we will not call something unless the chart offers a clean entry with a tight stop. If you're looking for an intelligent way to day trade in the stock market, join our group of profitable traders. We provide SMS Real-Time Education Alerts.


Below is the SAMPLE Live Trading SMS and Chart (Not by SMS) to illustrate the service. Usually, SGX Day Traders send about 1 to 3 SMS Alerts daily (Subject to stock market's Sentiment).

Lim&Tan Securities provide Advanced Price trigger features and this video(13 Minutes) Sgx Day Traders demonstrated how our SMS alert customers can leverage on the system to place Fire and Forget orders for Entry Price , Book Profit price and even set the Stop Loss price in advanced。 This is very important for those who"always" hesitate to execute Stop Loss and eventually turned small loss into big losses. If interested please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion. click here and we will get back to you soon.

Lim&Tan 证券提供高级价格触发功能,这个13分钟的视频SGXDayTraders 演示了我们的潜能股票交易短信如何让客户可以在交易系统上预先利用预先设置后不理的入市价,预先设置利润价格订单,甚至设置止损价格在先进。

Below is the Real case study. Click here to see our Super Grp buy call with time stamped!
2014 Jun 19-- #sgxdaytraders Spotted Super Grp A Potential Bullish Reversal .
19-Jun-14 SuperGroup Buy>1.385, SL<1.36, TP>1.46,1.53, 1.55, 1.57, 1.60 and 1.62
Super Grp an impressive greater 8% ROI within contra period. 
Join our group of profitable traders.欢迎加入我们的团体,成为获利的交易者. We share our trading plan right before the stock market open. 我们在股市开市之前分享我们的每日股票交易计划。 Disclaimer: Stock posting here is for members' education, Not an inducement to trade or promote any insider trading or manipulation. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.You should not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. caveat emptor applies Visit for more.

SMS Service S$88/ Month  (No prorated, expired every end of calendar month)

Pls provide Name & HP No.

SMS Service S$488/ Half Yearly  (No prorated, expired every end of calendar month)

Pls provide Name & HP No.

SMS Service S$888/ Yearly  (No prorated, expired every end of calendar month)

Pls provide Name & HP No.

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