Fundamental Research

Pros and Cons of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis examines the health of a company using balance sheet data, revenue projection models and just plain common sense. A fundamental analyst might say, "I'm buying XYZ because they have little debt, great cash flow and big profit margins, and everyone around the world seems to love it.

The problem with fundamental analysis is that you are still making predictions about the future that may not come true.
    •    Fundamental analysis can be a lengthy, complex process and no Market TIMING.

Technical analysis looks at a chart of a stock's price movements. SGX Day Traders look for patterns to determine future movements in the stock.
    •    Technical analysis can help you rationalize the price you are paying.You know When to BUY, When To SELL, When to Take PROFIT and if against you, You know When to Stop Loss.

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  2. fundamental-analysis is essential to your trading success as it helps you to assess how economic and political indicators affect the market.