Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Aug 08-- #sgxdaytraders view on STI outlook for now and near futures!

STI is having serious Volume and Index divergence with STI index continuous to move higher with steadily Volume declined. STI now is having August corrections and immediate support is 3200, however  members shall note that after a bargain buy type of technical rebound ended, STI is poise to test the up trend support line again. We might see STI eventually test the ultimate 2750 support before end this round of corrections. Of course STI will not go down in one straight line, Another psychology support is at 3000 and Sgx day Traders will provide members with daily pre-market open stock market debrief and advise the strategies and potential Stocks with complete trading plan to Go long or Short selling. 
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Trade with care, and need to preserve your capital when trade against you and also try to take the advantage of CFD short selling to take profit when market is selling down. Happy Trading. 

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