Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Apr 28--SGX Day Traders KNS kena ban by XF at TPG, but next day market proof he is wrong. LOL

Someone just informed us that XF from TPG banned SGX Day Traders because our Buy Call for Viking on 22 Apr 2014. To Him Viking on next day formed Dark Cloud which was close down 2 to 132 is a wrong technical call. However the next day market proof that XF is wrong!
I am not to make any comment here, but just to share my great disappointment for a reputable XF is dead in my memories. LOL 

For Day traders, what we care is Buy and sell in stages and execute Stop Loss is the counter against us. There is no big deal and holly grail in trading. Anyway end the end of the month, how much you made from markets count.

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