Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Lunar 2016 New year! 赢在猴年,祝您与家人,玉猴騰祥, 猴年行大運. 早昇官侯 ,身体健康,阖家平安。

Dear valued clients, we sincerely thank all of you for your valuable support in this year & will continue to strive towards excellence in the Year of Monkey! We wish everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year with abundance wealth, health, luck and happiness! 

亲爱的股友们, 猴年到,愿新加坡股市,猴(后)来居上,高升像猴儿三级跳。赢在猴年。 祝您与家人,玉猴騰祥, 猴年行大運. 早昇官侯 ,身体健康,阖家平安。

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