Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 May 01-- SGX Day Traders wishing all friends and members a Happy Labour Day and We are glad to update SGX Day Traders' Lucky Stock Pick Performance as at 30th Apr 2014

SGX Day Traders started Live Trading Calls via Live Trading Webinar (official Launch on 17 Feb 2014) and Live Trading SMS services (Officially Launch on 22nd Apr 2014.), Time flies and we have passed 2 and Half months. Below is our up to date Lucky Stock Picks performance. If you interested our services, May fill this contact us form here.

SGX Day Traders provide two services now.

   Live trading SMS services-- turn our hard work into your profit. 
Our Buy & Sell Strategies---We only focus on low risk setups when stalking trades. We are very picky and we won't call something unless the chart offers a clean entry with a tight stop. 

   Live Trading Webinar--Trade with veteran Full-time traders, See our Trading screen and ask Questions when market is live.
Our veteran traders will shares the market’s outlook and suggest strategies for Singapore stock market before the market opens at 830am and 230pm for 15 minutes each debrief. 

The daily stock pick list will be shared and when a counter near trigger will usually prompted in the webinar.
Here is the sample of our SMS Services.

 Here is the sample of our Live trading Webinar.

Join our group of profitable traders.欢迎加入我们的团体,成为获利的交易者. We share our trading plan right before the stock market open. 我们在股市开市之前分享我们的每日股票交易计划。 Disclaimer: Stock posting here is for members' education, Not an inducement to trade or promote any insider trading or manipulation. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.You should not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. caveat emptor applies Visit for more.

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